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 The Software Agents Mailing List  
The Software Agents Mailing List is devoted to the issues of software agents, personal digital assistants, software robots, knowbots, intelligent interface agents, etc. However, it should be restricted to software agents as opposed to hardware (robots) and human agents (your travel agent). The list was begun in 1994 by Ray Johnson, then at the Lockheed Palo Alto AI Center and now at Sun.

 The A-Life avatar list serve  
Although this A-Life avatar list had a limited start early in 1998, it did not take off officially until 11th December 1998: after the publication of the books "Magical A-Life Avatars" and the second edition of "Lingo Sorcery". The purpose of forming the list was to bring together people who are interested inexploring the new possibilities opening up on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

 Aglets Mailing List  
This mailing list for discussion of the Aglets Software Development Kit is kindly provided by academic volunteers. Questions, comments or suggestions regarding aglets should be directed to this list:

 Mobility Mailing List  
The Mobility Mailing list has been set up to discuss all things pertaining to mobile code, objects, mobile agents, remote programming, active packets and related ideas. New members need to submit a two or three sentence biography about their interest in mobile agents.

DAI-List is a mailing list for Distributed Artificial Intelligence, moderated by Michael N. Huhns.

 IETF Agentx Working Group  
The goal of this working group is to define standards-track technology for SNMP Agent extensibility. The resulting technology specification will allow independently developed sub-agents to communicate with a master-agent running on an Internet device.

 The KQML Mailing Lists  
The mailing lists kqml and kqml-digest are for general discussions involving the conceptual design and use of KQML or the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (it is a language and protocol for exchanging information and knowledge). The list kqml-admin-msgs is for discussion of standard administrative messages and associated protocols. Anyone can subscribe to these lists.

 JATLite Mailing List  
This mailing list is composed of JATLite users. If you have any difficulties for running examples in JATLite distribution, downloading, or looking for additional application examples, then, this is the right place to post your questions.

 Abstract Intelligent Agents  
Abstract Intelligent Agents is a newsgroup focused on the modeling problems of abstract intelligent agents, i.e. independent from their domain of activity, physical and software realizations, as well as, on currently realized prototypes.

 Dartmouth College Computer Science Department  
Receive notification of new technical reports from Dartmouth College. As soon as a TR is available on the web, you'll hear about it! The message will include at least the author names and title, and typically an abstract and a URL where you can find the paper.

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