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 Botshow 2002  
06/05-06 2002 Paris Expo, Paris, France
Botshow 2001 is a European salon dedicated to the revolutionary interface known as conversational agents, or chatterbots. This meeting will present the different types of conversational agents according to their functions and their graphic, editorial and computational capacities, as well as the main benefits to be gained from their different uses.

 Artificial Intelligence International Conference  
06/4-6 2001.Budapest, Hungary
The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum where international researchers and practitioners in Artificial Intelligence can present their work, exchange scientific ideas and results and explore possibilities for collaboration. Topics of interest include: autonomous agents, intelligent interfaces, intelligent databases, intelligent networks, robotics, speech recognition, etc.

 International Semantic Web Workshop  
July 30-31, 2001, California, USA.
International Semantic Web Workshop (SWWS) is dedicated to groups willing to contribute to the Semantic Web. It should guide the future coalitions for enabling future standard to be adopted worldwide.
The topics of interest will be around semantic web for e-learning and e-science, semantic web and mobile, agent communication and applications in the semantic web, etc.

 Engineering Societies in the Agents' World  
July 7, 2001. Prague, Czech Republic
The 2nd International Workshop - Engineering Societies in the Agents' World (ESAW'01) at the Czech Technical University is devoted to discuss technologies, methodologies and models for the engineering of complex applications based on multi-agent systems, and aims at bringing together researchers and contributions from both within and outside the Distributed Artificial Intelligence field (from Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Social Sciences, and so on), so as to promote cross-fertilization among different research areas

 The 24th FIPA meeting  
The 24th meeting of the FIPA (Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents) standards group will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland from 11-15 February, 2002 at the invitation of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The main purpose of this meeting is to allow researchers and developers in the field of agents to collaborate in the discussion and production of FIPA specifications.

 AID'02: 7th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Design  
15-17 July 2002, Cambridge, UK
This conference series aims at providing an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the state-of-the-art and cutting edge research and developments in artificial intelligence in design.

12/10-12/2001, Peterhouse College, Cambridge, UK
The scope of the conference has expanded over recent years to cover not just traditional knowledge based systems, but to include the whole range of AI technologies and application areas. Its principal aims are to review recent technical advances in AI technologies and to show how this leading edge technology has been applied to solve business problems.

 IC-AI'02: International Conference on AI  
06/24-27/2002, Monte Carlo Resort,Las Vegas
The IC-AI'02 will be held simultaneously with The International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA), The International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology (CISST), and other international conferences and workshops.

 KR2002: Eighth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning  
04/22-25/2002, Toulouse, France
The KR conferences have established themselves as the leading forum for timely, in-depth presentation of progress in the theory and principles underlying the representation and computational manipulation of knowledge.

 OOPSLA 2002: Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications  
11/04–08/2002, Seattle
The annual OOPSLA conference is a forum in the field of object technology. OOPSLA is well-known as the premier conference for object technology. The wide variety of events and activities make it appealing to object experts and novices alike.

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