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Remembrance Agent 2.11  Remembrance Agent is rated 3 by AgentLand
"Remembrance Agents are a new class of applications that watch over a user's shoulder and suggest information relevant to the current situation. While query-based memory aids help with direct recall, remembrance agents are an augmented associative memory. For example, a database or search engine can answer direct questions like "how do I get to Central Square?" Remembrance agents instead offer the kind of information you didn't even know enough to ask about, like "there's a great coffee-shop just around the corner."

Some Features:

  • Suggestion output is now read-only.
  • Print hash-marks instead of numbers for suggestion relevance.
  • Can set to automatically change databases based on major-mode and buffer-name.
  • Can customize "C-cr" prefix to a new key combination.
  • New query-length normalization for the information retrieval engine."

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How to Download?
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> License
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Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 Emacs-20 or XEmacs-20 to run the front-end.
> File Size
184 Ko

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