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Direct Intelligent Adaptation 3.0
DirectIA is a SDK that gives an agent or a group of agents life-like behaviours, i.e. the capacity to learn, anticipate and select their actions. An agent controlled by this engine is able to adapt to dynamic environments, to learn new behaviours and to perceive the effectiveness of their actions in real time.

DirectIA SDK is a tool that increases the level at which designers, developers and testers can abstract themselves from the implementation process. It is straightforward to introduce sophisticated, real-life behaviours into your creations in a natural way. This reduces the transition between description by game designers to implementation by developers. The development process is aimed at designers as well as developers. Step by step instructions explain how to transform a scenario written by a game designer into a model understandable by both designers and developers, and finally how to implement it. DirectIA SDK features debugging and tuning tools. The developers will use the debugging tools to find out why agents do not act properly, the game designers will tune the behaviours of the agents with the help of the tuning tools.

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How to Download?
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> Company
Masa Group
> Price
$ 2500
> OS
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT
> Requirements
Visual C++ 5

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