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Pop-Up Zapper Lite 2.04
Pop-Up Zapper Lite watches the work of your web browser and when it identifies a pop up window coming up (or pop-under), it makes it invisible and then closes it. You never see the popup window. When a popup window is let go untouched, it is later matched against an internal database of popup windows and zapped if deemed an ad popup. You can also tell Pop-Up Zapper Lite to leave the next popup alone by pressing control-command 'z'.

Some features:

  • Zaps away most pop-up ads fast without you ever having to see them.
  • Prevent popup windows from messing with the size of your new windows.
  • Enable or disable Pop-Up Zapper Lite by pressing Control-Command 'x'.
  • Enable or disable it using a menu, or disable the software for just one window via a control-command z'.

Other versions

Pop-Up Zapper for Mac OS X

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How to Download?
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> Company
Ricardo Batista
> License
> Price
$ 29.95
> OS
> Requirements
Mac OS 8.5, 8.6 and 9.x. Internet Explorer 5, Netscape 7
> File Size
561 Ko

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