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21st Century Sailing Simulator 2.0.3  21st Century Sailing Simulator is rated 5 by AgentLand
Climb aboard a J/22 sailboat and take the helm for a realistic adventure in sailing. The view from the cockpit puts you as close to reality as you can get while still at your computer. Watch out, don't get seasick ! Version 2.0 has all new photo-realistic sailboats, sound effects, plus match or fleet racing at and Trial version lets you learn to sail, practice, or race online.

21st Century Sailing Simulator lets you control every aspects of your sailboat. When you've had some practice, try your hand at racing. Race against boats that are controlled by the computer, or race against other real people online or modem to modem. You can choose a match or fleet race, choose the course and length, and set the wind variation. Great fun and definitely challenging.

Some features:

  • Multiplayer: compete against other real players on the Internet. A great way to meet other skippers. Sail with some serious competition or just have fun. You can also connect on a LAN, or modem-to-modem.
  • Chat with other players while you race.
  • Photo-realism: sailboats that look and behave like the real thing. Photographic water and land scenery gives a super realistic feel. Screen shots.
  • New boat controls are intuitive and realistic
  • Choose your boat: a classic monohull racer (J/22), or sleek catamaran (EndeavourCat 36).
  • Improved artificial intelligence for computer-controlled boats.

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How to Download?
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> Company
21st Century Publishing
> License
> Price
$ 29.95
> OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows XP
> Requirements
DirectX 7.0+
> File Size
20.6 Mo

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