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Website Extractor 9.03  Website Extractor is rated 5 by AgentLand
Do you need to keep track of changes that are made to some websites? Would you like to save time spent waiting for sites to be downloaded from the Internet? Do you sometimes need to make exact copies of website on your PC so that you can view them without having to connect to the Internet? Then you need WebSiteExtractor

The Website Extractor program is designed to custom download Internet Web sites, including or excluding parts you do or don't need (such as the directory, domain and file names, types of files, file sizes, or any other properties). It can download up to 100 files at a time. All data retrieved is stored in the directory you select and contains only the files and directories matching your filter instructions. A broad range of customized settings will enable you to limit the scope of files retrieved to types such as JPEG or HTML.

Website Extractor automatically allows you to download any files that were not copied due to transfer errors or bad connections. The program is equipped to run through a proxy server and download only revised or new files, bypassing documents that have already been copied.

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How to Download?
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Vista Inc.
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$ 29.95
> OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT
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757 Ko

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