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 Talking Stocks  Talking Stocks is rated 4 by AgentLand
Talking Stocks retrieves current stock quotes from the Internet, then broadcasts them using a talking character. You can also listen to the current stock prices, without stopping your work. More than 10 international stock markets are supported, including markets in North America, Europe, Australia and more.

We've tested Talking Stocks
 Noa  Noa is rated 4 by AgentLand
Noa realizes your dream of having a personal assistant. She’s virtual but she can do almost everything you need. A new way to communicate with your computer.

We've tested Noa
 UK Speaking Clock  UK Speaking Clock is rated 4 by AgentLand
Multilingual UK Speaking Clock is a speaking clock which uses 2 MsAgent characters, Clocky and Phony, to announce the time and all other voice related options.

 Talk 2Desktop  Talk 2Desktop is rated 4 by AgentLand
Talk 2Desktop enables you to control your PC using your own voice. An animated character will provide feedback and guide you as you go along. You can launch programs, go to your favorite web sites or open any document on your PC without touching the keyboard or mouse. All you need to do is simply talk to your PC using a standard microphone.

 Speak & Mail  Speak & Mail is rated 5 by AgentLand
"Speak & Mail is an excellent assistant that enables your computer to "talk to you". Speak & Mail will notify you when new mail arrives by reading the message header and contents according to your preferences. Speak & Mail features an amazing voice recognition technology which can be used to launch applications, web sites, play some music, shut down, restart your computer or just reply.

 Speaking Calendar  Speaking Calendar is rated 4 by AgentLand
Speaking Calendar is a desktop calendar/appointment manager with a difference. MS Agent characters are used to announce and speak your appointments, alarms and the current date to you. You may set as many appointments or alarms as you wish with this calendar, there are no limits.

 Cyberbuddy  Cyberbuddy is rated 4 by AgentLand
A web site dedicated to Cyberbuddy, a utility program that makes use of MicroSoft Agents. For example it can keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder or alarm comes due, send voice messaging, or bring you the latest headlines in several news categories.

 Desktop Wizard  Desktop Wizard is rated 5 by AgentLand
With Desktop Wizard, you can browse the web using voice commands. You can also listen to your email, schedule appointments and reminders, you can also control various functions of your PC by voice alone.

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