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 Miku  Miku is rated 2 by AgentLand
Miku is a little girl, she is able to do four animations.

 Genie  Genie is rated 4 by AgentLand
He is your humble, but powerful, servant of the lamp. Summon him forth to grant your wishes. Genie is able to make 66 animations (acknowledge, alert, announce, blink, confused, congratulate etc.).

 Merlin  Merlin is rated 4 by AgentLand
Merlin is your wise and magical companion with a lot of cyber-magical powers. Merlin is able to make 63 animations (acknowledge, alert, announce, blink, confused, congratulate, refuse etc.).

 Robby  Robby is rated 4 by AgentLand
He is an ICA 2.0, interactive cybernetic assistant, he is equipped to support SAPI interactive speech.

 Jenni  Jenni is rated 4 by AgentLand
Jenni is an animated human that lives on your desktop as your personal interactive companion & assistant capable of speech & doing tasks for you.

 Screen Mate Builder  Screen Mate Builder is rated 5 by AgentLand
Screen Mate Builder allows you to create and compile small screen mates - little animated graphics that move around on top of your default desktop wallpaper or background. It's as easy as ABC and no programming abilities are required. Just collect images and sounds -even your photos and your voices-, and then build them into your screen mate with only several point-and-clicks, and also easy-to-use interface. Screen Mate Builder merges your .gif images, .wav and .mid sounds into a compact, single-filed screen mate program!

We've tested Screen Mate Builder
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