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 iOpus STARR - Home Edition  iOpus STARR - Home Edition is rated 4 by AgentLand
So how do you know what intruders, your staff (or family) are doing on your PCs? Is confidential data stolen, manipulated or accidentally deleted? The iOpus STARR surveillance software can tell you exactly who is doing what on which PC at any time during the day or night.

 KeyKey Monitor  KeyKey Monitor is rated 4 by AgentLand
Suppose your computer crashes or the power goes out while you are working on an important document and you lose all your work. If you have KeyKey running on your computer, you never lose your work. Everything you type is stored in a file you can access anytime. Maybe you have children, and you would like to know what they are doing on the computer when you aren't there to watch them.

 Spector for MAC  Spector for MAC is rated 5 by AgentLand
Spector can take snapshots of a person's activity as frequently as once per second, and can hold days, weeks or even months of activity until you get a chance to review it. With Spector, what you see is what they did!

SmartBlock is filtering software that filters pornographic, sex, hate, violence, gambling, and other offensive content that exists on the Internet. It also can be used to block addictive games or dangerous applications, prevent the deletion of files and folders and make screen snapshots.

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