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 MP3-Wolf  MP3-Wolf is rated 4 by AgentLand
MP3 Wolf is a Search Robot that scans the Internet for MP3, MIDI and WAV and other music files directly from your PC. MP3-Wolf can locate, sort and verify 10000's of music files and links per hour. All delivered to your browser for download.

 LiveWire! Broadcast  LiveWire! Broadcast is rated 4 by AgentLand
LiveWire! Broadcast helps you find and play virtually anything within seconds. Choose from 10,000 live radio stations or 5 Million streaming files (audio and video) to find exactly what you want.

 MediaGrab  MediaGrab is rated 5 by AgentLand
MediaGrab! is a tool for finding and downloading multimedia files from the Internet. Instead of using a web page search engine to search to find multimedia files, you can use MediaGrab! to locate files by subject, author, song name, band name, or any other keywords you want.

 MP3 Pathfinder  MP3 Pathfinder is rated 4 by AgentLand
Use MP3 Pathfinder to quickly and efficiently search the Web for MP3 files. This utility employs the most powerful and accurate search engines.

 MP3 Grouppie  MP3 Grouppie is rated 4 by AgentLand
With MP3 Grouppie you can listen to a preview before downloading a complete file, so you don't waste time getting new music you don't really like. And since you're downloading from a computer located at your Internet service provider, instead of some unknown computer halfway around the world, your downloads always occur at the fastest possible speed, and are unaffected by Internet network traffic conditions. This MP3 agent has the combined advantage of being a newsgroup monitoring agent as well.

 WinMP3Locator  WinMP3Locator is rated 5 by AgentLand
WinMP3Locator searches for a song by the user-specified keywords in all popular MP3 search engines. WinMP3Locator can even search for a composition if you don't know the author or you are not sure about exact composition title.

 MP3 Star Searcher  MP3 Star Searcher is rated 2 by AgentLand
MP3 Star Searcher combines multiple separate search engines and gives you query results in an Explorer-like interface. It checks the results to avoid dead links. Once you find an active server, download the file you want with an FTP Client.

 MP3 Voyeur  MP3 Voyeur is rated 3 by AgentLand
MP3 Voyeur searches for shared MP3 files in your local area network. It gets the files by diving into shared folders that you didn't even know were shared on the network. The files that MP3 Voyeur lists for you are guaranteed to be accessible.

 2 Find MP3  2 Find MP3 is rated 5 by AgentLand
2 Find MP3 is an agent which allows you to search on the top MP3 search engines available on the Net today. It verifies the search results, which saves considerable time. With a user friendly interface, 2 Find MP3 proposes a clear and fast presentation of search results. Among the agent’s features, its compatibility with FTP softwares and possible download with Go!Zilla and GetRight.

 Music Ticker 
Everything Music, at Your Fingertips, as it Happens! The Music Ticker brings you the latest information covering a range of topics that are created for, about and by the music community, as soon as the information hits the Web.

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